Master of Science Program Description

Preliminary Courses

In order to start the Industrial and Systems Engineering M.Sc. program students are required to complete MATH 281, ISE 222, ISE 302, ISE 352 and ISE 361 courses in the scientific preparation programme partially or fully.

Students may be required to take preliminary courses before starting the M.Sc. program. The courses to be taken are determined by the advisor of the student considering the student’s educational background. Studens are required to complete these courses successfully within two semesters.

Master of Science Program

Industrial and Systems Engineering Master of Science Program is composed of 21 credits coursework and a master thesis. Details are summarized in the following table.

 Courses Total Credits  Total ECTS Credits
Total  8 Courses 21  120
Core Courses ESYE 501, ESYE 505, ESYE 522
ESYE 501, ESYE 505, ESYE 552
9 30
Seminar ESYE 590 Noncredit 2
Elective Courses 4 Courses (with the approval of advisor) 12 28
Thesis Mandatory Noncredit 30 x 2 semester =60