Educational Objectives And Program Outcomes Of Ph.D. Program

Educational Objectives of Ph.D. Program

Industrial and Systems Engineering Doctorate (Ph.D.) Program aims to graduate students who:

  1. are capable of conducting original studies and contributing to the knowledge in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
  2. can have leadership in adapting and applying academic outcomes in production and service sectors,
  3. are capable of conducting educational, training and research activities in the relevant academic units.

Program Outcomes of Ph.D. Program

  1. Ability to understand and apply natural sciences, mathematics and engineering sciences in advanced level.
  2. Ability to possess wide and deep knowledge in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering including the most recent advances.
  3. Ability to possess advanced level of required skill, techniques and methods to conduct research by using and evaluating up-to-date information.
  4. Ability to model, design and develop solutions, under realistic constraints, a system, a process or a product by generating innovative and original ideas.
  5. Ability to transfer advancements in scientific, technical and cultural developments to the society with the ethical responsibility and scientific objectivity.
  6. Ability to perceive, design and apply an original research process independently: manages this process successfully.
  7. Ability to execute a comprehensive study that brings innovation to the science and technology or develops technological product/process or adapts an already known method to a new field.
  8. Ability to contribute to the development of science and technology literature by publishing research results in respectable scientific platforms.
  9. Ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate critically the ideas and developments in the field of specialization.
  10. Ability to communicate effectively in writing, orally and visually with peers and wide scientific and social communities by using a foreign language at a level of European Language Portfolio C1 General Level.