Engineering Project

In ISE 492 course, the senior students are to prepare a comprehensive project in which they are expected to make use of the insights and skills acquired throughout their undergraduate studies. The coursework includes preparation of a written report and making an oral presentation. The course can be taken only by the senior students.

Progress Report

A progress report must be prepared and submitted at the due date announced by the department. It is expected to include all the works done till the due date. The final report formatting guidelines set by the department should be used in the preparation of the progress report as well.  The report should be approved by the project advisor.

Final Report

A comprehensive report containing all project work should be prepared until the due date announced by the department and a printed copy with a spiral binding must be submitted to the secretariat. In addition, the soft copy of the report should be sent to all faculty members.

Evaluation of the Presentation and the Project

The students are to defense the project work with a 20 min. presentation. The presentation should be made up of 15-25 slides, and should include the purpose and the scope of the project, the methodology that is used and the results obtained. The final grade is determined by the jury based on the quality of the study, the report and the presentation.

Final Submission

For the successful projects, two hardcopies of the final report should be submitted to the department along with two CDs that include all report files. If requested, the final report should be corrected based on the revisions that may be requested by the jury members during the presentation.


For the projects graded AA, a poster (height: 72 cm, width: 48 cm) summarizing the project and its outcomes should be prepared and submitted together with the final report. A sample poster is available in the following links.