Internship Frequently Asked Questions

What is compulsory internship?

A compulsory internship is a documented work carried out in a company or institution under the terms set by the department. It is mandatory and its validity is subject to the approval of the department.

How can I find an internship?

Finding an internship position is responsibility of students. However, they can get help from the many student clubs within the university and Career Development Office.

What is the minimum period for an internship?

Compulsory internship is minimum 20 business days.

Which students are required to submit internship report and questionnaire?

Students enrolled to the department after 2003 (excluding 2003) are required to submit an internship report.  For the others, it is enough to provide an official document approved by the company which clearly indicates that the student worked for at least 20 days. The internship questionnaire filled by the company is acceptable for this purpose.

Can the internship report be prepared on the computer?

The report can be handwritten or prepared on computer. Supporting materials can be pasted into the pages of the report.

What is the language of the report?

The report should be written in English. If there are Turkish terms which are difficult to translate, they can be written in Turkish but should be accompanied with a description in English.

When shall I do my internship?

You are advised to have your internship in the summer between the third and fourth years to support your work with the knowledge you acquired from your university studies.

Are internships done during the semester accepted?

Internship period is not allowed to overlap with the semester. Only the parts of the report falling out of the semester period are acceptable.

What is the deadline for the report submission?

Deadlines are announced by the department regularly.

Can internship questionnaire be delivered by fax?

Fax is acceptable but is not a reliable method. It is advised to submit the questionnaire in a sealed envelope together with the report.

What are the companies where our students had an internship?

Click here to see a list of companies/institutions where our students had their internship.