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Stochastic Processes

This course aims to help students acquire both the mathematical principles and the intuition necessary to create, analyze, and understand insightful models for a broad range of various stochastic processes. The basic theory of the Poisson process, Renewal processes, Markov chains in discrete and continuous time, as well as Brownian motion and Random walks are developed. Applications of these stochastic […]

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

The students will understand the principles, techniques and practices of Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship. To achieve these goals the course is divided into four modules. The first three modules cover the following three areas: exploring, executing and exploiting innovations. The fourth module is renewing innovation and examines how established firms re-energize their exploration, execution and exploitation practices to renew the innovation […]

Data Science for Industrial and Systems Engineers

This course aims to introduce the interaction between topics of statistics, data analysis and machine learning with modern data science tools, and to cover the entire process of data science starting from data manipulation to the development of learning algorithms. The topics covered are: Introduction to R programming, data manipulation, missing data analysis, exploratory data analysis and data visualization, inferential […]

Supply Chain Management

The goal in this course is to understand how logistical decisions impact the performance of the firm as well as the entire supply chain. The key will be to understand the link between supply chain structures and logistical capabilities in a firm or supply chain.Operations management review (inventory management, ERP, medium term planning), supply chain network design, logistical issues and […]

Research Methodologies in Systems Engineering

This course includes analytic and descriptive survey designs, pilot work, selection methods for data collection, evidence interpretation and reporting methods as preliminary to a research project to be prepared by the student under the surveillance of a faculty member. The project provides an opportunity to prepare and present an integrated technology oriented project of significant importance to the student’s organization […]

Productivity Analysis

The aim of this course is to provide students an understanding of the principles and techniques used in the improvement and measurement of productivity, as well as concepts of work study and their application to the human-machine system design and interaction. The objective is to equip students with the ability to use and apply the techniques of method study, work […]

Qualifying Exam Preparation

In this course, the student carries out an independent study to prepare for the qualifying exam.  At the end of the course, the student takes a written and oral qualifying exam to demonstrate that he/she has sufficient knowledge about the fundamental subjects in his/her field and that he/she is capable of conducting scientific reseach towards writing a Ph.D. thesis.

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