\ Artür Manukyan

Artür Manukyan

Assist. Prof.

: Koç University, Computational Science and Engineering
: Istanbul Technical University, Computational Science and Engineering
: Yıldız Technical University, Statistics

1453 A504

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  • ISE 416 Data Science for Industrial and Systems Engineers
  • ISE 318 Computer Applications for Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • ESYE 603 Quantitative Methods for Systems Engineering I
  • ISE 302 Sytems Engineering Methods


Journal Papers

  • Manukyan, A., Tekin, A. (2017). The Intermolecular Dimer Potential for Guanine. Journal of Chemical Physics. 147(15), 154311.

  • Manukyan, A., Ceyhan, E. (2016). Classification of Imbalanced Data with a Geometric Digraph Family. Journal of Machine Learning Research. 17(189), 1- 40.

  • Manukyan, A., Tekin, A. (2015). First Principles Potential for the Cytosine Dimer. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 17(22), 14685-14701.

  • Manukyan, A., Cene, E., Sedef, A., Demir, I. (2014). Dandelion Plot: a Method for the Visualization of R-mode Exploratory Factor Analyses. Computational Statistics, 29(6), 1769-1791.

Conference publications

  • Manukyan, A., Ceyhan, E. (2015) An Assessment of CCP Approach in Statistical Learning. In Proceedings of the 60th World Statistics Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2015.

Yeditepe University, Industrial & Systems Engineering Department
26 Ağustos Yerleşimi, Kayışdağı Cad. 34755 Ataşehir, İstanbul

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