A methodological framework to analyze stakeholder preferences and propose strategic pathways for a sustainable university


Abstract: Building sustainable universities calls for participative management and collaboration among stakeholders. Combining analytic hierarchy and network processes (AHP/ANP) with statistical analysis, this research proposes a framework that can be used in higher education institutions for integrating stakeholder preferences into strategic decisions. The proposed framework is applied to a private university in Turkey as a case study through a survey […]

Forecasting Garanti Bank (GARAN) Stock Price in BIST30 using Artificial Neural Network


Abstract: Today, artificial neural networks are popularly applied to many financial problems such as stock market index estimation, bankruptcy prediction, or corporate bond classification. The studies also focus on the direction of daily index change as much as the stock index value estimate. In some applications it is stated that artificial neural networks restrict data patterns without learning. Artificial neural […]

Optimization of a Product Manufacturing Process and Yield Improvement of Liquid Products


Biography: Oğuzhan Uçar received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering at Ege University. Then he completed his MBA degree in strategic marketing and brand management at Bahçeşehir University. He started his carrer as an intern in the project management department and continued to work as a corporate project team leader at Sun Chemical Italy. Later on he worked […]



Title: ANALYTIC NETWORK PROCESS APPROACH FOR DYNAMIC SYSTEM VALIDATION Abstract: Validation is accepted as an essential stage in system dynamics (SD) modelling. It is challenging, often difficult, but necessary for any system modelling. Conceptual model development is believed to have great impact on validation of SD models. In this research, we used a multi-methodology approach to present a framework to […]

Variable Selection in Regression using Maximal Correlation and Distance Correlation


Abstract: In most of the regression problems the first task is to select the most influential predictors explaining the response, and removing the others from the model. These problems are usually referred to as the variable selection problems in the statistical literature. Numerous methods have been proposed in this field, most of which address linear models. In this study we […]

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