An appointment scheduling framework to balance the production of blood bags from donation


Abstract: Blood is fundamental in several care treatments and surgeries, and plays a crucial role in the health care system. It is a limited resource, as it can be produced only by donors and its shelf life is short; thus, the blood donation (BD) system aims at providing adequate supply of blood bags to transfusion centers and hospitals. An effective […]

Determining collusion opportunities in deregulated electricity markets


Abstract: The primal goal of deregulated electricity markets is to attain perfect competition among generation companies. Yet, a deregulated market is still prone to threats that may disrupt the competition. While the independent system operator, responsible for administering the electricity markets, aims to provide the consumer with the lowest possible electricity price, lack of competition may increase prices. We use […]

A Fuzzy Approach for Modeling Human Mortality and Fertility


Abstract: Modeling and forecasting human mortality and fertility are significant research topics in several disciplines because these demographic rates are fundamental in financial planning and social policy decisions. Among various techniques, Lee Carter (LC) model is one of the most popular stochastic method in human mortality and fertility modeling. The original LC method for mortality modeling was fuzzified to eliminate […]

A surveillance algorithm for fall detection and initiation of an e-mail


Abstract: Demographic patterns are demonstrating that the world is a maturing society. Advances in medical treatments extend people’s life spans. Elderly care is a burden on families’and states’ budget. Moreover, elder people want to age in their place without the breach of their privacy and losing independency. Thus this thesis aims to help people age in their place by providing […]

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