\ Balancing the Production of Blood Bags from Donation through Appointment Scheduling

Balancing the Production of Blood Bags from Donation through Appointment Scheduling

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25 Haziran 2018 - 11:00


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Title: Balancing the Production of Blood Bags from Donation through Appointment Scheduling


Abstract:  Blood is fundamental in several care treatments and surgeries, and plays a crucial role in the health care system. It is a limited resource as it can be produced only by donors and its shelf life is short. Blood Donation (BD) system aims at providing an adequate supply of blood units to transfusion centers and hospitals. Its main phases are blood collection, screening, storage, distribution and utilization. An effective collection of blood units from donors, through a suitable scheduling of donations, is fundamental for adequately feeding the entire BD system and optimizing blood usage. However, despite its relevance, to the best of our knowledge, donor scheduling is only marginally addressed in the literature. In this dissertation, we consider the Blood Donation Appointment Scheduling (BDAS) problem, which aims at balancing the production of the different blood types among days in order to provide a quite constant feeding of blood units to the BD system and avoid periodic overtimes. Deterministic models and corresponding stochastic versions are formulated. For the deterministic model a two-stage architecture is proposed and it consists an offline Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) model for preallocating time slots to blood types and an online prioritization policy to assign a preallocated slot when the donor calls to make the reservation. In order to establish the impact of the uncertainty in the model, we formulate both risk-neutral and risk-averse stochastic programming models and compare them with each other. Moreover, CVaR risk measure is analyzed in the stochastic models with either only risk terms or with mean-risk terms for the preallocation (offline) phase. We conduct an extensive computational study for the proposed deterministic and stochastic models with the use of real case of the Milan Department of the Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue (AVIS), which is the main BD association in Italy.

Biography: Seda Baş Güre is a Ph.D. Candidate at Systems Engineering Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences at Yeditepe University. She graduated from Industrial and Systems Engineering Dept., Yeditepe University in 2008. From August 2008, she worked as a teaching assistant at Industrial and Systems Engineering Dept. at the same university. She received her M.Sc. degree from Business Administration department in 2011.

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