\ Brambles and Multi-stage Modeling on Networks

Brambles and Multi-stage Modeling on Networks

Sibel B. Sonuç

Tarih ve Saat

23 Şubat 2018 - 14:30


Mühendislik Binası A-511

Title: Brambles and Multi-stage Modeling on Networks


Abstract: Given an undirected graph, a bramble is a set of connected subgraphs (called bramble elements) such that every pair of subgraphs either contains a common node, or such that an edge exists with a node belonging to one subgraph and another node belonging to the other. In this paper we examine the problem of finding the bramble number of a graph, along with a set of bramble elements that yields this number. The bramble number is the largest cardinality of a minimum hitting set over all bramble elements on this graph. Finding the bramble number of a graph and corresponding set of optimal brambles find applications in network clustering. We provide a branch-and-price-and-cut method that generates columns corresponding to bramble elements, and rows corresponding to hitting sets. We then examine the computational efficacy of our algorithm on a randomly generated data set.


Biography: Dr. Sibel B. Sonuç received her Ph.D. (2012) in Industrial and Systems Engineering from University of Florida, her M.S. (2007) in Industrial Engineering and her B.S. degrees (2005) in Industrial Engineering and in Mathematics from Koç University. She worked as an adjunct at University of Central Florida (2012-2014) and then as a postdoctoral research assistant at Health Systems Engineering Institute at Northeastern University (2014-2015). Since September 2015, Dr. Sonuç is a visiting faculty at Özyeğin University, Department of Industrial Engineering. Her main research interests include integer programming, multi-stage optimizaton, heuristic algorithms, and network applications. Currently, she is working on social network analysis.

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