\ Clinical Laboratory Performance Analysis: A System Dynamics Approach

Clinical Laboratory Performance Analysis: A System Dynamics Approach

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20 Nisan 2015 - 14:00



Abstract: While maintaining an organization, managers must think about both profitability and quality. Especially in healthcare systems, the service should be delivered with an acceptable quality and it must be affordable for all patients. Clinical laboratories are one of the most critical parts in healthcare systems in terms demand and expenditures. Thus, also clinical laboratory systems should be in an acceptable quality with an affordable price. If a premium quality laboratory service is delivered by high prices, efficiency and effectiveness of organization will disappear. Whether public or private clinical laboratories, they must create a value in their performance while overcome time, quality and cost constraints. Otherwise, keeping up across new economic trends and technological development will become impossible for clinical laboratories. To overcome this problem, a system dynamics model is constituted for evaluation of overall performance in clinical laboratories by considering cost, resource utilization, labor performance, quality and time constraints.


Keywords:  Modeling, Performance, System Dynamics

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