\ Minimum Hub Cover Problem And Its Application In Graph Query Processing

Minimum Hub Cover Problem And Its Application In Graph Query Processing

Tarih ve Saat

20 Ekim 2014 - 14:00


Yeditepe Üniversitesi, Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi, A-511

Abstract: A graph database is a graph that stores high volume of relational data coming from various resources like social networks and biological networks. The usage of graph databases has been gradually increasing so the researchers study on methods to increase the performance of query processing. We propose a new graph representation and a new optimization problem, named Minimum Hub Cover (MHC), for efficient data storage and query processing. We give several mathematical programming formulations of the MHC problem including integer programming and semi-definite programming. We also study an approximation algorithm with a performance guarantee to solve the MHC problem on planar graphs which have various applications in query processing such as object recognition, fingerprint identification and image classification.

Biography: Belma Yelbay earned her BS in Industrial Engineering at Marmara University in 2001. Between 2001-2005 she worked in industry. She earned her MS and PhD in Industrial Engineering at Sabancı University in 2010 and 2014, respectively. Currently, she has been working in Hitit Computer Services as a solution architect. Her main research interests are mathematical programming and computational optimization, combinatorial optimization and heuristics and search methods.


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